Thursday, August 23, 2012

Pinterest Love

True story.

I read this yesterday and conversations flashed in front of my eyes. I sent this to Michael and he sent me a one word message 'Agreed" Sorry about that. 

If I didn't spend so much time on Pinterest I would get a whole lot more blogging done. Actually I think I'd probably get a whole lot more done full stop. I find myself  browsing through things at 3am while I'm feeding Will then at 4am when he's asleep I'm still flicking through things on my phone. Dangerous business but I find it very calming looking at all these crazy ideas and gorgeous things.

Butcher block counter tops
Seriously how cute is this kitchen

This bathmat turns red when wet. For when you want to freak out family members, roommates, etc.
I'm buying this bath mat for my boys just to see their reaction, it would be so worth it! 

Better Than Better Than Sex Cake
Anything that's called Better Than Sex has to be a good cake right?

Are you a pinterest hopeless like me or do you know better and stay away? 


  1. I love Pinterest so hard. Really. LUUUUURVE it.

  2. Mat = Ick. The boys will love it! HA.

    CAKE = OMG, I diiiiiieeee.


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