Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Charlie, my not so little baby

Yesterday was my Charlie's first day of daycare. 
Michael and I had talked about him going somewhere next year, it's his last year before Kindy and I know that spending all day with his mumma will get boring. I was fine with that. 
Then a few weeks ago a friend who is an awesome daycare mum mentioned she had an spare spot on a Tuesday and Michael snatched it up. I really wasn't ready but I know daycare spots are like hens teeth and if I didn't do it now I probably wouldn't get a spot next year. I stressed about it, and changed my mind about taking the spot at least 10 times a day before I got over t and just took it. 
So on a Tuesday while the big two are at school Charlie will be off playing with three gorgeous little girls while William and I hang out together and I get some housework done. 

This is what my bench looked like this morning, I can only imagine what it will look like when all four start school.

All ready to go, he didn't want his photo taken here, he wanted to 'Outside photo mum!' 

We dropped the big boys off at school and then it was Charlie's turn, after we got out of the car while I was still getting his stuff, he waved and said goodbye mum and ran up the front steps, thanks for the love Charlie.  I wasn't too worried about him he's been there before for a play with the kids but never without me before, so as the day went on I was wondering how he was going, then I got this:

Seriously the best message ever. She sent me a few pictures and updates during the day as well, made me feel so OK with sending him much earlier than I had planned.
She brought him to school with her at pick up time and he was so excited to tell me about his day and give me a big hug. He looked so big and grown up in someone else's car. It was a big shock but it really is only another 12 months before he starts Kindy then he'll be at school then he'll be moving out. 
I'm so not ready for all that! 


  1. So lovely. I worked when i had my first & she had a Family Day Care Nanny, just wonderful, she never got sick & was toilet trained, ate everything, the Nanny even let me use cloth nappies (well she had to change them during the day) & to continue breastfeeding full time until she was 18 months. It was the best experience EVER. Then i had twins & promptly retired from the workforce aged 26, done, haven't returned since, yay. Look at all your sweet boys, i had 3 girls then a boy at the end, he's now heading towards age 9 & he's getting very tall. I loved the personal relationship i had with my daughter's Nanny, it was beautiful (she was a retired paediatric nurse, honestly, what luck & back in the 90's only $3.75 an hour!!) Love Posie

    1. Sounds perfect hun! 3.75 an hour thats awesome! Charlies one day cost me just over $70!


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