Wednesday, November 2, 2011

My Place & Yours

This week Vic asked Where do you sleep? 
I should probably have taken a photo of the lounge because that is where I sleep often, badly but often. 

This photo I took with my phone (which is why it looks so dodgy) this morning at 5.45am when I went to pee for the 80th time last night. I sleep on the right hand side just there where Charlie's little feet are. Last night was not a good night in our house, bad dreams from James and Charlie is still not feeling the best and woke up crying even when he was next to me, poor mite. 

Want to see where other people sleep? Head over to see Vic at Punky & Me 


  1. Ah... sounds like you had a tough one; hope you can get a bit of rest soon, we all know you're going to need it!

  2. This brings back memories for me, my boys are older now, (different dramas) but no crawling into bed late at night thank goodness, hope you got a better nights sleep next day.


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