Monday, November 28, 2011

Cheap Fun

Yesterday we had a huge day. A huge FREE day. 
Apart from the cost of fuel to drive to the places we went, but hey we won't count that ok?

When our junk mail turned up this week there was a flyer for an open day at a local display home in an estate, on the flyer I saw the word 'free' and instantly I was interested. 
Kids are expensive, we all know that, everyone talks about it, it's even on the news, they are expensive. Doing anything as a family is usually pretty costly for us so when something is free I jump at the chance.

Snow cones = free

Charlie opted for a leg paint instead of a face paint = free.

James wanted to be the sun = free.

Jack looking like a creepy spiderman with his balloon flower, you guessed it the balloons were free.

The little boys both decided on dinosaur balloon animals = free.

There was also a sausage sizzle and soft drinks and a jumping castle. They really had gone above and beyond for opening their display homes. While we were there we thought we better at least have a look in the display homes. It was then that something dawned on me. We were so out of place, not that we had planned to ever buy in an estate but going to an open day really makes it obvious we would be so un-wanted, the neighbours would say, you know the ones with all those noisy boys and the fisherman's wife. 
I don't think people that live in an estate have more than two kids, or drive a car more than 5 years old, or buy their kids clothes from best and less. Everyone was dressed beautifully with swish looking prams, driving sedans. We were defiantly the only ones with three kids, and we were the only tarago parked out of the front. We need space, and as nice and pretty a new house like that would be we need more space than they can offer us, even after a representative showed us the 'big' blocks of land, I still chuckled, the yard was tiny. When and if were ready to buy our own house it will be an old house, pre damaged walls, huge backyard, space for a pony kind of backyard. 

In case you can't read that it says The Bluewater Lagoon is funded by Mackay Regional Council.
Your donation is appreciated. 
You know what that means, yep its free. A water slide, a kids water park, a kids pool, and two bigger pools. It is one of my favourite places to be at the moment, being in water sure makes my pelvis feel better, and the kids love it. And you know it's free! 

Jack disappears as soon as we get there to go and play on the kids playground, little slides covered in water and a huge bucket that tips out once its full drowning anyone close to it. James and Charlie are still happy to hang out with their daggy parents in the big pool. 

So there you go morning fun, lunch, and an afternoon swim proudly bought to you by the cheapest family I know, that would be us. 


  1. Is there anything better then free?!?
    Looks like a great day...and don't worry we would never be welcome in an estate either :P

  2. What an awesome day! I love free things too!


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