Saturday, November 26, 2011

Baby Daze

Week 35

Yeah baby week 35. I love that it's only 5 weeks to go!
My sister requested a non bathroom shot of the bump, so instead here is a headless shot thanks my lovely James, photographer in the making. 
I had a midwife appointment yesterday and in the last month I have put on a grand total of 10 grams. How awesome is that? I put it down to Monday getting the gastro bug that everyone in town seems to have gotten, in 24hrs I more than likely lost all the weight I put on in the last month. 
Baby is still posterior, his back is on my back he should have his back on my belly, which is worrying me a little, but I'll keep doing the exercises to get him to turn around even though they completely contradict what the recommendations are for pelvic instability. I know its getting close to the end when my body just starts falling apart. 
I went a little nuts on eBay this week, I was planning to get a cover for our 3rd hand bouncer but when I was looking for one I found replacement covers, even better. Our bouncer turned into a outside play toy and after a few weeks in the hot sun I wasn't real sure if it would hold my chubba bubba so now I have a brand new mint green cover. Love that!

I still bought a cover its padded and so soft, I almost bought a plain coloured one until I remembered how much mess a small person can make, and opted instead for this cute one covered in combi vans. 

Apart from that I've just been feeling huge and making a lot of old man noises when I try to move around. Oh and did I mention we decided on a name? I can't believe it took us so long and was such a hard decision. I knew when we found it we'd just agree and that would be it.


  1. You are right, you did get big all of a sudden! I still think you look fantastic, you have an adorable pregnancy glow the whole time.

    Can't wait to see what name you've chosen and hear the big news about your little ones' arrival. I've got a feeling he will be early- although my feeling is probably wrong (I had a feeling my second would be a girl born through c-section. It was a boy born naturally (drug free).

    After all you've been through I bet you can't wait to just have your little boy safe in your arms.

  2. I really am getting huge, I feel it but its not until I see my self in a photo I realise!
    Yes so looking forward to him being here!

  3. Wow! not far to go.
    I spent most of my pregnancies on my hands and knees for foetal positioning.. but Im sure you've got all the info....
    ALl the best.

  4. Leonie thank you, yep have been doing a bit of that and trying to sit as up right as possible, my 2yr old was posterior as well so I really dont want to go through that again!


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