Saturday, November 5, 2011

Baby Daze

Week 32

Every week when I see the new number it seems a little scarier.
32 weeks down only 8 weeks to go. That's two months. Only two months to go! 
This week baby's lungs are now not just for show anymore but are actually working functioning. Always good to know. 

I still feel really good apart from being a bit slower and needing to have a pop down after doing anything. I do often think I can do what I want, yesterday we did two trips to the beach, and by dinner time I was having some kick arse bratan hicks.  All that running around in the sand and dragging Charlie around in the water was a bit much on my bump. I really need to learn to slow down. 
We are back to square one with names, every name I throw at Michael gets knocked back, and all the names he comes up with I think is terrible. 
I've been hanging out in the babies room re-organising and folding little clothes. I can't wait until I have a little bundle to put these tiny clothes on! 


  1. Look at you gorgeous lady! Pregnancy suits you. Sure this is your last? :P

    You've come up with three fantastic boys names in the past, I know you can do it again. Although my vote is with Elliot (although I lost the debate with my husband, no idea why I'd win it with yours!).

  2. Where is the time going!!! I agree with Amy you have that glow and pregnancy seems to really suit you x


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