Saturday, November 12, 2011

Baby Daze

Week 33.

What a week. I can now officially say I am ready for it to be over. 
This week I became the one of the 1 in 5 who suffer from Pelvic Instability. Thankfully it's taken until week 33 to arrive unlike some woman who have it from the very start. I now have to spend the next 7 weeks trying not to open my legs, keep my knees together and don't push anything heavy or bend over. Ever tried giving birth with your knees together? 
My lovely husband also informed me this week this is the crankiest and moodiest I've ever been during pregnancy, I informed him this is the first time I've been pregnant with three kids to look after. I think I'm allowed to be a little cranky when I don't sleep through the night and my husband works away for 4 days at a time. To bad if I'm not allowed because I will be cranky anyway! 
Baby this week is drinking his own pee, doesn't that sound inviting? Drinking your amniotic fluid then peeing it out then drinking it again. By week 33 baby should be around 43cms long with the head down. I don't think this boy has discovered that spot just yet, they do say with every baby they drop much later and prefer to hang around under your ribs instead. 
Now I have everything pretty much that I need, just waiting for December before I start washing baby clothes and the car seat. Then bring on Christmas once it's over I'll only have 5 days to go, by then we shoud have finished the Christmas food and put the decorations away and life will be back to normal (ish). I'll be ready to have a baby by then! 

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  1. Pelvic Instability. FUN...

    Hope it's not too bad for you, and that you can still give birth the way you want to, without any complications. :-)


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