Wednesday, November 23, 2011


There's something about this time of year, or it may just be because I'm pregnant, but I get home sick, today is my best friends birthday, she turns the big 3-0 that's a big exciting number to be missing out on, I'm missing out on seeing her gorgeous little girl turn one in January as well. That's sucky. 
So after a quick chat with her today, and a chat with my sister about Christmas plans and baby names,  I had a little cry.  Who am I kidding I had a ugly cry.
I miss both those women like crazy. 
As much as I love living in Queensland and the opportunities for all of us here compared to where I grew up, it sucks being so far away from old friends and family. My beautiful sister is in the process of moving to Melbourne from Sydney so she'll be even further away, and seeing her once or twice a year just ain't cutting it. 
I know I'll get over it, but next year I'm booking my sister for Christmas, if I do it now she won't have plans already! 


  1. It's hard being away. We ended up moving home because of that reason. I am near all my family and rely heavily on them. I've been finding I am super teary and hormonal lately too! Sure will be nice when these babies come out to join us :)

  2. Honestly don't know how you do it!! I am freaking out about the fact that this may be my first Christmas not celebrating it with my family. I am trying my best to convince them to come down here but I don't think its working :/


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