Saturday, August 27, 2011

new recipe saturday & Day 27

This is what we had for lunch, yes I admit it looks like a big pile of mess but it was quite tasty.

Baked Bean and cheese scrolls
2 sheets of puff pastry
200gms of baked beans (I think I used to much which is why mine exploded)
handful of grated cheese

Spoon baked beans all over the pastry leaving an inch gap at one end. Sprinkle cheese over the baked beans, roll pastry length ways towards the end with a gap, seal the pastry with a little milk. Once rolled up cut into inch slices tip on the side and bake until golden around 150 Celsius. 
There is many recipes around for this but I was not making my own pastry just for lunch. Puff pastry works great and there are heaps of other things you can add to them but for a simple lunch these were perfect. 

(Note: my small people don't always eat lunch without a shirt, but they had been playing outside in the rain)

You know it's good when your children are quiet and eating. I even convinced my fussy eater (Jack) to try them and he said delicious. Gotta be happy with that! 

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  1. I have to try this one! We're a baked bean family :D


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