Saturday, August 20, 2011

new recipe saturday & Day 20

It feels like forever since I did New Recipe Saturday. But today I'm back. When I'm sick I want comfort food. Today this was it. Jack decided half way through me cooking he couldn't stay awake any longer and went back to bed. He is still the sickest out of everyone. 

4 Large potatoes
200gms Bacon
A good handful of Cheese, grated 
2 tablespoons of Sour cream

Give your potatoes a wash them bake for 1hr or until you can pierce them with a fork.
Cut a lid off the potato and scoop out most of the centre leaving a few centimeters around the edge. Mash the potato and add your bacon (I used around 200 gms but add to taste) sour cream and cheese mix together then pop back in the oven til its hot and the cheese is melted.
Eat hot or cold. *Guaranteed to make you want an afternoon nap.

*I cant back that up, it may just be because I'm pregnant and sick that I wanted to nap.

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  1. MMMM these look so good, might be good for lunch today here.


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