Monday, August 1, 2011

31 Photo's in 31 Days~Day 1

I loved this project last year. It's simple take a photo everyday and post it on your blog, twitter, facebook, flikr wherever you want really. Add your link to the and your done. Sounds easy but my goodness I fell off the wagon so many times last year! 
So this year I hope to stay on the wagon and I'm starting with what we had for lunch today. Exciting I know but hey it's a cute picture! I made sausage rolls for my baby boys and my hunny who insists meat be eaten at least three times a day (how he has any arteries left I don't know)

So are you joining in? Head over to for details.


  1. OMG, you're making me hungry! Can you post the recipe?

  2. Sure can! Will let you know when I do it x


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