Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Lots of Boxes. Box Lots!

I wanted to post this a few weeks ago. Unfortunately I assumed I wouldn't want to take any photos food shopping. How wrong I was.
Michael heard an ad on the radio about this place that sold damaged cans, and things that were heading towards their use by date, we decided to check it out. I wasn't expecting much I have to admit, but we are still new in town and really it can't hurt to check out everything we can.

Because my photography skills are shocking I cut half the words what it actually says is:

We are a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to providing real jobs for disadvantaged or disabled job seekers.

At Box Lots we provide a grocery clearance warehouse environment to the community, offering genuine savings on family food bills.

All proceeds from this store support our main goal of providing these jobs and further training.
Box Lots needs your support to continue our business as we do not receive funding from any Local, State or Federal Government Agency. 

From the website

Much of our stock (but not all) is sourced as end of line, close to date, cancelled orders, bankrupt stock, damaged packaging etc.

Looks a bit like Aldi but defiantly a warehouse. I was expecting an Aldi kind of register as well, where they scan and you put it in the trolley. But not only do they pack your groceries into boxes for you including wrapping your cold/frozen things in newspaper. They take them to your car and put them in, and then take your trolley back to the shop for you. We've been twice and the second time they remembered us, and what car was ours. That's what I call a good shopping experience.
We've bought a few damaged cans but there really isn't a lot of them there. Most of their stuff is perfect just seriously cheap (40 cents for a can of tomato's, $35 for 12 kilos of brand name washing powder)
Admittedly we still had to go to the fruit shop and the butchers but its defiantly still worth it.

The first time we went was before I flew to Brisbane, before we knew if our little boy was healthy or if he would be classed as disadvantaged/disabled. I cried all the way home, knowing there was somewhere that was helping out people by giving them jobs not just a hand out. Not knowing then if we would be trying to find somewhere like that in years to come.
For us it was good news, but that's not the case for everyone, I'd rather give my money to these people than the two supermarket giants any day.


  1. This is a great idea! I'd shop there in a second. What an awesome, community minded idea!

    And it was reading through this and mentioned the baby was a BOY! and I went searching for how far back i was announced. OMG. SOOOOOOo far back. I have been checking out your photos. Promise. Just slack with commenting. xo

  2. Oh Suger you bad lady : ) I don't know how you keep up with your blog roll! Don't stress xx

  3. they take your groceries to the car? and remember you next time? It's like a fantastic time machine. I want to go there. Yay boxed lots.

  4. What an awesome idea I love it! I too would shop there in a second! Got to love old fashion service :D
    Hayley x

  5. I don't know how if they are anywhere else, a friend said she saw one in Adelaide so there may be one near you! So worth it!


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