Thursday, September 2, 2010

Oh Brother..

This morning I was in a bad mood (I'm talking epic bad mood) so to cheer myself up I took the boys shirts off layed out a white blanket and took some pictures of my two little boys, instantly made me smile, didn't lift the bad mood but there was still hot water running out of my water heater all over the front lawn so I forgave myself.
I did the same thing with Jack and James when James was 4 months old so Jack had just turned 2, same blanket as well. Funny to see Charlie and James doing the same thing they look so similar but as Charlie gets older he doesn't look like James which is weird.

Jack and James

Baby James

James and Baby Charlie

My baby Charlie.

In just over a week my baby turns 1 and its exciting to see him develop and show us his big cheeky personality. I'm sad that its an era over. I will never again be so pregnant I can barely move, I will never again get brand new newborn cuddles. But I'm ok with it. Having three boisterous boys is wonderful and although I was devastated when I found out we were having ANOTHER boy, I'm so glad he's here and wouldn't change him for the world.

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  1. bahahaha. think again huh! : )
    ~Bec Clark


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