Saturday, September 11, 2010

Charlie it's your Birthday, Happy Birthday Charlie!

Remember when Michael Jackson was on the Simpsons? And he sang Happy birthday to Lisa? I've had that version of Happy Birthday stuck in my head all week. It's official Charlie is one.

On Thursday I got prepared for Charlie's birthday, made cupcakes and a big cake for the cake smash and wrapped presents. While I was getting the big boys dry and dressed after their bath I lost Charlie....

 and this is how I found him. He managed to pull his PJ pants off then the cake off the table and had a little cake smash of his own. I forgot how clever and funny toddlers can be.

His birthday was on Friday so Jack was off to school but before he went I attempted to take a few photos, I'm still getting used to my camera and I know James is very blurry but I love Charlie and Michael's faces in this pic.

Charlie was very quiet and a bit off all day so Michael helped me get a smiling photo out of him. He was in stitches with Daddy blowing raspberries.

Having boys not girls I never got to buy a birthday dress but I did get Charlie a birthday t-shirt and I love it. The front has a cowboy holding balloons and in the balloons it says I'm 1. The back I had to do something fun with. I don't know where this phrase came from but it suits my big birthday boy that's for sure.

We had a really busy day, (getting five people out of ther house before 8.30am is not easy) School drop off and parade, a quick trip to the shops for balloons and more wrapping paper, unwrapping the gifts, smashing the cake, lunch, nap, school pick up, more cake and blowing out the candles, it just went on and on! I was feeling a bit off like Charlie all day and I know better than trying to bake or decorate when your not in the mood. If there is no love it will never work, and it didn't. The cake didn't work, the cupcakes didn't work, I know he doesn't care but I did. I'll make up for it next year. Hopefully.

This was Charlie's face all day. He didn't really want to play with his toys, he wasn't interested in the balloons or the cake smash. Poor kid I took 300+ photos and most of them look like this.

Thankfully Michael was around to pull faces. I will figure out how to take photos on my new camera so they aren't all blurry.

I had a little play with picnik this morning and I'm pretty happy with it. I hope when he's a big kid he's happy with it too.

This is my favorite photo from all day. Two hands full of cake, really what else can you ask for on your birthday?


  1. Ohh Happy Birthday totally rocked the shirt!! Love the pic of him destroying the cake! Classic! Glad to hear you finally got your new camera :)

  2. Thanks hun.
    Finally! Only took me 18 months! Ha!

  3. Happy Birthday to gorgoues Charlie and Congrats on making it through the first year of being a Mum to 3. Love the T-shirt :)


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