Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Kreativ Blogger Meme

I'm a bit shocked and very smiley right now, this is my first blog award!

Its all thanks to the lovely Hayley over at Our Unique Journey who shares her special journey as a new mum to the gorgeous Cooper.
I never in my wildest dreams imagined when I started blogging I would get an award!
I am hooked just as everyone who blogs seems to get hooked. Its like your own little world where you can empty everything that's going on in your mind, heart and life into. I don't know how I got all of this stuff out of my system before blogging!

So this is how it works, you get nominated (yay!) you tell your readers seven random facts about yourself then nominate others. Easy enough hey?
So here are my seven random facts:

1. My sister and I have different Dads. This is why she has gorgeous curly blonde hair, white skin with cute freckles, and is a normal girl height. I have crazy not straight not curly dark hair that's going very grey (thanks Dad), am far too tall for a girl, and have olivey yellow skin.
We fought as kids like all sisters do, but now were grown up's were closer than ever. When the time comes to explain to Jack about him having different DNA than his little brothers I will most definatly be looking to my parents for advice.

2. My Mum was the youngest of five. She has four older brothers. My dad is the middle child he has two brothers. I will not be having five children to have a girl.

3. I was the first out of thirteen cousins to become a parent. I was the only one for almost two years. There is 1 month between my cousin Josh and I. There is 1 month between his son Hamish and my son James, creepy!

4.  I was 25 before I got my licence. Late I know, but my mum still doesn't drive and neither does my sister, (although she is learning) I'm pretty sure neither of my grandma's drove either. Knowing this history that makes me pretty impressed with myself.

5. I love Trashy TV. 

6. I cry at everything. I mean everything.

7. When I was pregnant with Charlie we talked about calling him Owen (my Dad's last name) or Taylor (my mums last name) .

So apart from Hayley some of my favorite blogs and bloggers are:

The lovely Danielle from Danimezza who introduced me to the world of blogging.
Her friend Danielle at Hello Owl who inspires me most days.
Melissa from Sugar Coat it, who makes me laugh and cry on a daily basis.
Belinda from The Happy Home who with every post makes my bank account a little smaller and my house a little prettier.

If you choose to follow for a bit of fun, the “rules” are:
- Copy the award to your blog
- Insert a link to the person who nominated you
- Share seven things about yourself that you haven’t told us before.
- Nominate other bloggers for the award – share the love
- Link to their blogs.
- Tell the nominees about their award

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