Thursday, September 2, 2010

My Place & Yours

So this weeks theme of My Place & Yours is: Why do live where you do?

My answer is pretty simple

This is my hubby and this is what he does 12 hours a day, no he's not a model (I know that's what you were thinking) he fits, fixes and maintains ridiculously large tyres.
We are lucky enough to live in the coal capital of Australia. It's ok your allowed to be jealous I would be too if we didn't live here.
When Michael told me he had a REALLY good job offer back in QLD the first thing I did was googled it. Bad idea.

I saw two massive coal mines and a tiny brown town. I almost cried.

But after about 6 months of being here I decided I actually really liked it! There are a few locals that have been here forever but there are a whole lot more people that have come here for work and have no family or friends so you make new friends and they become like family, which is pretty special.

My clothes line yesterday, nothing quite like the smell or feel of reflective clothing.

We wont stay here forever, although Jack has a great school and some great friends and I don't want to drag him away, but we'd like to live closer to some family and maybe even somewhere that doesn't have shops designed especially for miners!


  1. Hehe I have heard of Blackwater and I am soo Jealous of you ;p! I have a friend who's hubby was working out there and she tried living there snd I think it lasted 2 weeks! So you really are a tough cookie for lasting as long as you have!

  2. I know most people are jealous! i think its the ridiculously priced grocceries/house prices/services and the great view of piles of coal and machinery.
    2 weeks! Augh thats scary! I'm very glad we got straight into swimming lessons and playgroup and made friends quick or I probably would have been the same!


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