Sunday, December 6, 2009

Teeth anyone??

This is how Charlie spends a lot of his day, with his fingers in his mouth, he absolutely loves it, I'm trying not to look in his mouth I'm afraid he's teething already!

See that top all drool all over him, please no not teeth already!

My beautiful boy fast asleep after our picnic lunch.


  1. Gee I hope not already! That would be a bit much!! Great pics of Charlie though, good to see them! Hope you are doing well (and haven't killed that hubby of yours - although I know you haven't cause I just chatted to him on the mobile). Anyhow, chat to you real soon I hope!! Cheers, Ryan!

  2. Thanks Ryan!
    No haven't killed him yet, he's very lucky I was in a different state when I found out what had happened!
    Email me your address? I have a christmas card for you. I hope your little munchkin is good. xx


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