Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Home again home again

So nice to cach up with family and friends, but so nice to be sleeping in my own bed and having more than 5 sets of clothes to wear! Oh and its pretty nice to be back with my hubby as well, trying to wrangle 3 kids by myself was pretty tricky, lucky I did have a lot of help.
My 'little man' is very cranky today so just a quick post and a few pics, I'll try to post about my trip tomorrow

My beautiful little boys, James in a good mood.

Nanny (or Nanny pants as the kids and I were calling her : ) and the boys

How cute is this photo, I saw them and I just had to snap them! Sitting on Nannys front verandah

Baby Benji and Charlie, Ben is at 3 months the size Charlie was when he was born! Charlie is 2kgs heavier than him and a month younger! Michael and I definatly breed them big!
I'm peeved I didnt get a pic of Suez and Ben or of me and Ben, but we were a bit busy when ever we saw each other there was always one baby sleep or one baby ready for a feed!

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