Friday, December 4, 2009

Big Trip part 2

While we were home on one of our many shopping trips we had our photo taken and we were in the paper, white ribbon day, men against domestic violence. The first thing I noticed in the photo was my mumma jugs! Charlie was due for a feed can you tell?? Doesn't James look like butter wouldn't melt in his mouth? Cheeky little bugger!

Nanny pants and Jack having cuddles in Nannys chair

Charlie laughing in the bouncer. He spent a lot of time in it while we were there.

I spent a lot of time on mums lounge feeding the fat boy (who managed to put on 500gms in a week) and watching cars there's nothing better than Lightening McQueen 4 times a day! Nanny let Jack into her craft box which was very fun and it kept him busy for a few hours while James was having his afternoon nap, let me switch cars off for 5 minutes!
I saw Suez and Ben almost everyday,and caught up with Emily a few times, we had a very nice Indian night, and a night at the pub drinking bubbles and waiting for friends to turn up!
 But of course we managed to come home without catching up with a few people, somehow I just ran out of time.
It was lovely to be home and to see mum and my girls but my goodness i was g;ad to be home, living out of a bag is definatly not my thing!

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