Saturday, December 12, 2009

Backyard Cricket anyone?

Sometimes it dawns on me how big Jack actually is, especially when I see him in photos.

Michael's home today and I love it, Charlie always sleeps better when he's home(which drives me nuts, but it means I can get a lot done) and we always have a fun silly time, the kids get to play with their Dad and I can usually manage a sleep in, this morning Michael got some tennis balls and dragged the kids out in the heat of the day to play cricket, they are not quite big enough to understand it or know how to play it but they gave it a great go, made me laugh.

Michael and I didn't know that the kids had found a hole in the fence but as soon as a ball went over there, they both slipped through the fence to get the ball! Sneaky little buggers hadn't even told me about it! Michael will be fixing it this afternoon I think.

James in his cricket outfit which consisted of Jack's hat and his thomas gumboots with no socks, his feet were so sweaty in the 35 degree heat!

This is just for Dad, the last picture I posted with the billy cart and Jack's school in the background wasn't quite as obvious as I have hoped. I'm standing at our back fence, Jack's school is in between the two yellow digger things, there's a blue shade sail over the play equiptment and a white roof just behind it.

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