Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Silly (busy) Season

I know having 3 kids is a huge time taker but when did christmas sart taking up so much of my time as well? We have two christmas parties to go to this weekend, shopping trip to Rocky to finish buying christmas pressies, we spent most of this morning making christmas cards (keep an eye on the mail box most of you will be getting a very handmade card from the boys) I love christmas time but I'm exausted from it already!

 Ok whine over, on a much happier note, My hubby who is a newely non-drinker has decided he wants to do everything better be a better dad, a better husband, a better employee (unfortunatly this last one eats into the first 2) so on saturday he cut up the old pram and made the kids a billy cart and do they love it, you know it!

If you look very hard you can see Jack's school play equipment in the background, I like knowing how close he will be.

How cute do they look!

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  1. oh i hear you. Thankfully I finished my xmas shopping weeks ago a did my cards whilst mum was staying with us. I'm not looking forward to all the driving around though but it will be worth it.

    That cart is too cute. Remind Michael to think of all the carbs he wont have to burn off now he's not drinking.


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