Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Santa time!

Well its not actually Santa its one of the other ladies husbands, but its all the same to kids!
We had such a fun time at the christmas party, Michael got to ride the train a few times with the kids, he was the adult that sat at the back to keep an eye on the kids, poor thing had no hat and it was 11am can you imagine how hot he was??

I got him a frozen drink, he was still boiling!

The boys don't often get to do stuff with Dad it always happens on days that Michael is at work, so this was a great day for them.

I dont know how they managed to stay on the train for as long as they did, I got sunburnt sitting in the shade of a tree, it was so hot!

James getting his gift from 'Santa'. they were more interested in their Kinder Suprises!

James has his towel still on from swimming, so much fun!

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