Saturday, December 5, 2009

The begining of the end

Jon and Kate Gosselin and there 8 children.
(Image courtesy of TLC)
After 5 season's my favorite reality show has finished. I feel a little ripped off as I only found it this year, but its definatly time for it to finish.

Last night I watched the end of season 4 where Jon and Kate talk about the fact they are seperating but there will still be a show, unfortunatly the end of season 5 they have had enough and there will be no more Jon & Kate plus 8. They can't agree on who will have the kids when, or if they should film them, even who will babysit the kids!

If you hadn't figured out yet there show is where I got the name of my blog, when I first found out I was pregnant with Charlie I found this show and it made me feel better about having a third I was extremely stressed about spreading my attention and time between 3 kids, a newborn who soaks up all your time, a 2yr old who's suffering middle cild syndrome along with terrible twos, and a 4yr old who needs constant stimulation because his brain never stops. If they could do it with 8 I could manage with 3 and I got very hooked on it!
Its a behind the scenes look at what happens when you have twins then sextuplets. It started out as a 1hr special but people wanted more and more., when they started the babie's weren't even walking or talking now they are 5 and off to school.
Unable to fall pregnant by themselves they used fertility treatments to fall pregnant, when they had twin girls they were over the moon but Kate wanted just one more and obviously they ended up with 6.
So now I guess I will have to continue on the name but there is no chance we are having 8, 3 is definatly busy enough!
What a logistical nightmare!

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