Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Our big trip part 1

I have so much to tell you so I'll break it up so you don't get bored!!

19 days away from Michael is way to much for me and the kids, and for him.

We left on a Tuesday and by Sunday Michael had lost his license drink driving, I was so furious I was shaking! As a condition of his job contract he needs a license, we also live in a company house, so him losing his licence means no job AND no house. He had his day in court and he wont be driving for 15 months and were going to be paying the government $1800.00.
We are waiting to hear back from the company to see if the insurance company will cover him and allow him to drive on private property with no license. I'll keep you updated.

Meanwhile I was enjoying myself at Candice and Chris' wedding. Catching up with old friends and seing the bride!

Doesn't she look beautiful! Candice Chris and their little boy Riley. Very rare to get a picture of Chris smiling!
It was a beautiful wedding, very pink and very organised (and I'm guessing very expensive) just like Candy.
I took Charlie for a few hours so I could feed him, and I didnt expect mum to look after three little boys at the grumbly time of day by herself, I can't do it by myself so I didnt expect her to.
After the wedding we went to our old pub for a drink or two and a fair few dances, was very strange to see all these kids we went to school with that are now old enough to be at the pub!!

Remember this? well I'll finish the story, Michael and I were engaged and 6 months later Jack was born, I was already pregnant when we got together but I had no idea. Anyway Michael decided to not only be my husband but to be Jacks dad, (I was very lucky to find him) he was there to hold my hand while I was giving birth and even named him. The guy that got me pregnant wanted nothing to do with me or Jack. This was fine with Michael not so fine with me but at least I knew Jack would have a Daddy. I hadn't heard from the sperm donor(as my mum calls him) for years until he added me as a friend on facebook of all places!! We planned to catch up while I was home and we did, just the two of us, and he said he'd like to meet Jack. I thought this could only be a good thing for he and Jack, but unfortunatly he got cold feet, Michael's pleased he gets to keep Jack all to himself, I am very peeved as we had a really good talk just the two of us and I thought he had grown up enough, obviously not just yet. One day not to far from now I'm going to explain to Jack why he looks so different to Charlie and James and I want to be able to say there is someone else in the world who wants to know you and be apart of your life, not say to him your real daddy doesn't want anything to do with you. Its something that plays on my mind everyday. I hope he doesn't react badly to it and doesn't feel like he's less a part of the family because of it.

Jack at 7 months old.

         James at 4 months old.

Charlie 2 months old.

My three gorgeous boys together Jack with his big blue eyes and his sandy coloured hair. James and Charlie with their olive skin and dark eyes.

I knew they looked different but it wasn't quite so obvious until Charlie was born and James and Charlie look so very the same and Jack is so very different!


  1. lol Im loving that there is a picture of me in your blog!! wishing you could come visit more often!

  2. Ha yep I hope you feel very special ; )
    Me too! It's just so far and now Jacks at school will be even more difficult!


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