Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sleep is for the weak!

It's been ten days since I've blogged and I'm feeling so out of the loop. 
William and I had sorted out a bit of a night time routine bath, bottle, bed by 6pm. I wouldn't see his little face again until 3am-ish, and I was happy with that, I could sit and eat dinner with my big boys clean the kitchn, get everyone to bed, fold washing maybe knock out a blog post. Then last week William decided he was missing out on some family time and started waking after an hours sleep and would scream the house down until he passed out (see above picture) or I fed him back to sleep. This means that I am basically passing out once I get him to bed and not even considering opening my computer or my dishwasher which we all know just makes the next day so much worse. 

Who ever knew having four kids would be so busy? 

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