Saturday, June 30, 2012


It's taken me three years almost to the day but I've made it to five hundread  posts!
When I started I was pregnant with Charlie and had two little boys that both had afternoon naps. I thought my life was busy then. Pfft. If only I knew then what I know now.
So this is a round up post, a few favourite or important posts, go check out these it really has been a crazy busy three years! Bring on the next three years!

Michael turned 28

Baby Charlie is born

I became a school mum. The first time.

Mr. Messy

My James

That time we got stuck

The beginning of James dino obsession

I smashed up our new car

I took half naked photos and posted them around the internet

We spill the beans about Bubba Will

Big health scare

We found out what colour baby we were having

I snuck off for 24 hours

Bubba Will joined the family

I choped all my hair off like a royal idiot

So there you go three years and 500 posts and here is the express version in just 15 posts! Ha!

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