Thursday, June 14, 2012

House Love Part 1

Michael and I have been together for almost 8 years. In that time we've lived in no less than 9 houses. The maximum time we've ever lived in one house was 12 months. I know, you want to be me don't you?
So we've just signed another lease so from next month we will have been in this house for 12 months. So instead of packing and bond cleaning I have this need to re-organise and clean. I have such an exciting life don't I?
So on my list is the pantry, the linen cupboard, my clothes and this mess. 

This is what it looked like before, and no matter how much I tried it kept creeping further and further out towards the rest of the house and in the words of Marge Simpson, I spend 23 and a half hours a day in this house you cant escape me! 

In case you couldn't tell it was all me that was doing it the boys were just watching me like I was a mad woman. Which to be fair is probably what I looked like. 

It took two hours but I managed to cull an entire toy box of stuff and the joy I got from getting the dust and dirt from behind the bookshelf and toy boxes was not proper. 

The finished product! It's been a few days and it still looks pretty much like this. 

And if they do make a mess and don't put everything away its not staring at me. 
Next a big vinyl sticker for that blank wall above their little chairs and I'm done. 
Now what to do next pantry or linen cupboard? 


  1. I like it. It creates a 'box' for the stuff to stay in. Good thinking Mumma. Enjoy your 12 month stay. ;)

    Linen cupboard..! People organise their linen cupboards. Oh god, I really AM a terrible house wife. Sigh.

    1. Haha well I don't think I've ever cleaned mine before but now that were staying longer its bugging the hell outta me! Usually I'd just be packing it in boxes.
      Yep I'm loving boxing them in, poor kids!!


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