Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Crazy Week

This is not my story to tell, and usually I wouldn't tell it but I can't stop thinking about it which means I need to spew it forth.

This week has been a crazy week. Every week is a crazy week but this week was bigger somehow. Michael's roster fell on a bad lot of days and he was gone over the long weekend, I had two kids with nits, 2 snotty kids, swimming lessons. You get the picture.
I was cranky, crabby, frustrated, I'd had enough of it all. I was caught up in my own mess. This morning Michael rang me early and I knew something was wrong. A cousin of his had passed away over night, same family that this happened to last year. That's unimaginably awful. I stopped what I was doing and gave all my boys an extra big cuddle, the fear of getting nits put aside. These small people make my life crazy but I love them big time and I know its cliched but I'd do anything for them.

This afternoon at school pick up I was still thinking about what had happened earlier in the day, while I stood there waiting for the bell to ring, (I just wanted to see my school kids and cuddle the hell outta them) I watched a mum lose her shit at her kid. Big time. It all started with a playground argument between two little girls. Not anything that doesn't happen everyday, except today this mum decided to get in the middle of it. Now what she did was inexcusable and from the looks on the faces of the mums around me I wasn't the only one who thought so. If I wasn't too shocked to move I would have scooped up that little girl and run. I know all parents lose it sometimes and those who say they don't are lying. I don't know what happens behind closed doors or in their family but it was major, and so not excusable, no matter what is going on.

I'm a worrier and everyday I worry that the boys haven't eaten enough veggies, drunk enough water, spent enough time outside with their friends. I worry that I haven't given them enough time to tell me something or show me something. I worry that Charlie isn't interested in toilet training. I worry that the three older boys  will resent William because he is always attached to me.
I did say I was a worrier.

After today I realise what I'm worrying about it what loads of mums worry about. It's a normal thing to be concerned about your kids whether its always or sometimes.
Now I have until 9am tomorrow morning to decide if I say something to this mum.
It really has been a crazy week.


  1. Kate that's horrible. If it happened at my son's school I would go to the principal, rather than the mum. He is obliged to listen and at least think about acting, and after all, it happened on school grounds. I've been feeling the pressure lately and then this morning there was a cheerful mum pushing her disabled son along in a wheel chair. Put it all in perspective.
    Hugs (but you can keep your nits!)

    1. Really does put life in perspective. I think another mum spoke to the teacher straight after school, but if not I think I will. Thanks hun, hopefully I've stayed away from nits!

  2. Ugh. Chin up lovely one. You'll know what to do. Be brave. It's hard to hear of other's loses without feeling the enormity of what there is to lose ourselves. Hug those boys tight. All of them, the big guy in particular. We never know how long we have. xox

    Thank goodness you had your hair cut, your long hair would have dead set got nits. :P

    1. Thanks hun, had a talk with the teacher and she saw what happened as well and has reported it. I still want to take that little girl home!
      I checked my hair the other day and I thought the same thing! That would have been all kinds of bad!


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