Wednesday, July 20, 2011

ah serenity

This is where I have been all week.
Having Michael home for a few extra days than we thought has been so relaxing and fun. We have been to the beach everyday, I still have half of my clothes in boxes and the linen cupboards are empty, but I don't care. New house is so pretty and so big, the kids are happy, we have no real plans so were just enjoying each day as it comes. Its so nice not to be busy. Soon reality will set in, when Michael starts work and Jack goes to his new school, we'll be back to routine but for now were having a little holiday at home. 

Can you see Jack? The boys took their boogie boards yesterday, Jack had no fear and kept going further and further out to try to get a wave. Poor thing has terrible skin and when he came in he was red. I think he might have had a reaction to the sand.

Michael helped James by dragging him through the shallow water, he loved it until the wave disappeared and he rolled on the sand. Oops. 

My little man. He kept bringing me sticks and seaweed and the occasional shell. Were starting our own shell collection. Its going very well. 

Playing chase with his Daddy. I don't remember the last time we all spent this much time together and I am loving it. 


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