Monday, July 25, 2011

My Place and Yours

Every Monday I'll post a new theme for you to rack your brain with, take some photos then blog about it, when your done come back and add your link down the bottom so we can all have a sticky beak. Sounds good right?

This week I want to see your cookbooks.  Where do they live? Have you got a ridiculous amount of them? 
As I'm unpacking my cookbooks are going on my kitchen bench, I love that we have enough kitchen space in this house to have them in the kitchen. 

I get the irony that my Jenny Craig cookbook is next to my Donna Hay chocolate cookbook. It wasn't planned but I quite like it that way now.

Check out all that space my books look tiny!

So go get snapping and show me what you've got!


  1. This time it's my turn to be jealous, mine are all stuffed out of sight!

  2. I heart Jamie too. Going to take a picture now :)


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