Friday, July 29, 2011

Why hello there!

I have been ridiculously relaxed since we moved here. Even with boxes everywhere and a million things to do, with Michael away for a week and Jack starting school.
I've been baking everyday, the kids and I have been out to the library or the park or shopping or a walk on the beach there really is something to be said about the sea air. I find myself smiling at nothing. I don't think I realised how stressed I was in Blackwater. I thought living in a small town would be great but the drama really got to me. I'm loving being anonymous for now. We don't know the lady at the supermarket, we don't run into people we know every time we leave the house. Life is just us and I'm really enjoying it. 

This morning a family of ducks turned up on our front lawn. This sort of stuff didn't happen in Blackwater.

Lucky we have loads of bread on hand.

I sent the boys out really quickly to throw bread at them before they disappeared. The tradies up the road laughed at me when I grabbed my camera, I didn't care.

Bread overload maybe but who cares, they were happy and so are we. 


  1. It's funny how nice feeling 'anonymous' can be. I remember moving back to Brisbane after six months in a small, small town (I grew up in Brisbane and only moved to the middle of nowhere for my husband!). I hated that everyone knew my business...I'd go to buy a chocolate bar from the supermarket and the woman would say 'Oo, third one this week, having some problems'. After growing up in a massive capital city, it was suffocating.

    Glad to hear you are loving your new life! Speaking of new life, how is the littlest one?

  2. Suffocating is a very good word for it. One day when were older I'd like tolive in a small town again but I'll be the one gossiping by then : )
    New bambino is still unknown, thanks for asking. I go for my big scan on the 8th of August, will definatly post about it : )x

  3. I am so craving that feeling of being anonymous! I love going to Brissy and knowing I am not going to run in to everybody I know! Good to see the boys are loving their new home xx
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