Saturday, July 9, 2011

Shopping with Children

Shopping with small children is sometimes unavoidable. It can be stressful and annoying and make you want to spend longer in the liquor department than you probably should. 
Now my boys are big, Jack can read and James can read his own name when we go to the supermarket I give them a list and if they get everything from their list and help me with everything else, they get to pick something fun. A lollipop, a book, a new car, avocado. You get the picture. 

Excuse my dodgy pictures, I have been meaning to write this post for ages but I always forget when I write my lists, so these are from the car before we got out. 

It helps to write your list the way you go around the supermarket, and find one thing from every aisle. Or if your child is a bit older two things. Makes for a quicker shopping trip! Obviously my list isn't very well planned out but we've done it a few times and we've got this down pat. 
I give Jack more vague lists and let him pick certain things, like cereal. This week he picked sustain, but that because he's a 65yr old trapped in a 6yr old. James would have picked coco popps or fruit loops, not so much choice on his list.

James can read his names, and the letters of the alphabet but he's no where near putting letters together into words so for him he gets pictures.
This week he got Cat-food. Oranges. Bananas. Popcorn. Don't tell me it's not obvious. 

Once I've written their lists I add it to my list so we don't come home without stuff and I can give them a little nudge in the right direction if necessary. 

Do you have any tips to shopping with children I need to know about? 


  1. Sorry but I thought your orange was a strawberry :p

  2. Hey not bad for drawing on my lap in the car ; ) Now you've said it it does look like a strawberry!

  3. My best tip for shopping with children is to leave them at home. If that is impossible, short shopping trips with the promise of a treat if they are good helps. Giving my older child a part of the job makes him happy, although I think a list might be too much for him. They like to count items into a bag - ie 'please choose 6 apples'.

    Your list looks good, I thought it was a strawberry too!

  4. I thought the orange was a choc chip biscuit, which is more of a reflection on what I WANTED it to be than your drawing. Thats a great idea though.

  5. That is actually a really cool idea. I don't go food shopping that often with the kids as hubby and I tend to take it in turns and go at night while the other one stays home.


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