Tuesday, May 17, 2011


This is what I feel like lately. The cleaning lady.
 I feel like all I ever do is housework and organise everyone.
I have had my good wife pants on lately, but this week I say pfft to good wife, I'm opting for bad wife instead. You see it seems the nicer I am to my darling hubby and the more I do for him the more he expects of me and the more he leaves things for me to do. Isn't he kind? Like leaving his work clothes that need washing, randomly scattered around the house.  Plastic containers that he takes to work, left outside. His coffee cups, strewn around the yard. His plate so kindly left on the kitchen table for me to take to the sink.  You get the picture? Its a bad picture.
So this week I am treating him mean, leaving him to wash his own work clothes and make his own lunch. Maybe then he will take the bin out without me asking (nagging) a bazillion times. Or change a dirty nappy without me having to get him the child, nappy and wipes (seriously its not that big of a house).

Please tell me I am not the only one with a lazy husband!



  1. Ha I totally know that feeling! I ended up having to say to him that after a week of 'single parenting' the last thing I need is someone else to look after! I think he has gotten used to his mum looking after him...boy he's going to be in for a rude shock :P
    Hope the plans works for you!!

  2. Muhahaha yep 1 day and its totally working already. He rang me yesterday and told me no to cook dinner because he was bringing home thai. Love that. Then he emptied the bin and helped me tidy the kitchen!


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