Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Pins for Gok!

The lovely Danielle from Danimezza is giving away a signed autobiography of the amazing Gok Wan. All you need to do is take a photo of your favorite body part. Sounds easy enough yes?

Well when I read her post I thought, no way I'm entering this one. I love Gok and what he does for women's self esteem, and Danielle for being confident enough to show us what she looks like in her swimsuit, she's awe inspiring this one.
Then today I read Danielle from Hello Owl's post of her and her hubby getting naked in Cleo. As Danimezza  said, if she can do it I can certainly take a photo of my legs!

Like most women I'm not entirely happy with my body and there's a lot I'd change if I could, but one thing I am happy with is my pins, especially in these ridiculous shoes. I often get nice comments about my legs and I guess that helps too. 

So if you love Gok Wan like I do you should take a photo of your favorite body part and head on over to see Danielle and enter!


  1. Love your legs!! Hot hot hot!!

  2. They really are HAWT pins Kate! Sexy mumma :)

  3. Haha, I chose mine too! Love your legs!

  4. Woot wooooooo! Wow. Watch out Gold Coast, this girl is going to PARTY. ;)

  5. Melissa my legs will definatly party : )

  6. Those are some nice pins... kind of like the ones i WISH i had!


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