Saturday, May 14, 2011


This weeks theme for PUSH is jump. We have a kick ass trampoline in our yard so where better to jump?

If I'd thought about it I probably would have put a nicer outfit on. Sorry about that.

Of course once I was on the trampoline everyone else wanted to join in. Its not often your mum gets on the tramp with you.

Now this isn't really pushing my own photographic skills, but Jack Jacks. Not bad for a six year old I say. Considering I don't think I have ever let him hold my camera before in his life!

You really have to have a go it is a hilariously fun thing to do.
Go over to Hello Owl to see how everyone else jumped!


  1. You are so awesome.

  2. Finally got to look and love it. I love trampolines.


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