Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mothers day


Wouldn't it be nice to receive so much jewellery your box looked like this?
I had requested jewellery for mothers day but then I smashed up the car and we got a little busy. I know I'm getting some nice things from kindy and school from the boys but Michael's response when I asked him what beautiful things he was buying me for mothers day was a cranky face and three words, A new car. I can't really say anything to that now can I?
So let me live vicariously through you tell me what your getting/giving for mothers day?


  1. Well as sad as it is I won't be getting a present other than what Mason made me at daycare (which I will love)but my partner doesn't believe in presents for Mother's/Father's Day. I might buy myself something special when we have the money to spare. Hope you have a fantastic day and get some very special handmade presents from you little men

  2. That sounds like a good idea hun! I'm going to get myself a slow cooker, so exciting hey! Hope you have good day as well, I'll be thinking of you doing that marathon while I'm sitting on my butt!

  3. A fucking teddy bear!!! lmfao....hahah

  4. Ahahahaha a fucking teddy bear! Wheres the love Az!

  5. mwuahaha no i had a great day, teddy bear and all ;) hope you did too :)


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