Monday, May 2, 2011

My place and yours

Today I am starting something new. Well new for me. I have been gifted a very addictive blog game from the very lovely Danielle over at Hello Owl. called My Place & Yours.

Every Monday I'll post a new theme for you to rack your brain with, take some photos then blog about it, when your done come back and add your link down the bottom so we can all have a sticky beak. Sounds good right?

While we were on our very long holiday I missed my bed terribly, so this weeks theme is What's on your bed?

Not surprisingly our bed is covered in pink. Poor Michael

Add your link below:


  1. Yay Kate, am so excited we can continue this... Will do mine tomorrow. :-)

  2. Yay! Looking forward to it : )

  3. I will join you on this as soon as my bed is free again :)

  4. oooohhh sounds like fun, I've not played blog games before : )

  5. Alrighty will give it a try but tonight I am mixing lemsip and wine...wild times

  6. Love seeing what people have on their beds and happy to have contributed :)


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