Monday, February 28, 2011

I promise no more...

I know I promised no more party posts or dinosaur posts but then I got these photos today, now I have to share don't I because they are far to nice not to share.

My dino kid and his big brother.

The dino sprinkles on the green cakes

Biscuit anyone?

The poor balloon before it got taken out by a rogue skewer

Mmm fairy bread

The kids giving the jumping castle a run for its money

just before the cutting began

much better picture of the cake than the dodgy ones I took

The best compliment I could get about the cake

My smallest feral, he was so nasty by the end of the day, I took him home and showered him

Trying to show James how not to kill his friends

me and my boys

I didn't even notice Janita taking most of them. That's just how awesome she is. I will be hiring her for every kids party we have in the future.


  1. YAY! so glad you liked them :) i had a blast being there! :) i think my favourite pic is James licking his plate ahahah

  2. I think its mine as well! I could give that boy a bowl of icing and he'd be happy! No cake required!


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