Sunday, February 20, 2011

New Recipe Saturday

When Michael and I made our 20 to do in 2011 one I really wanted to do was new recipe Saturday. Now its February and I'm just getting my bum into gear, slack I know.

This is technically Fridays recipe because Saturday were shopping all day, so there. A few weeks ago I made the mistake of introducing my husband to chorizo and now he's obsessed, so I was a very good wife and I made him lunch, chorizo sausage with asparagus garlic basil and spaghetti. Bad idea but was oh so tasty.

What you need:
2 chorizo sausages
1 bunch of asparagus
Garlic cloves to taste, (I used 3 cloves but were garlic people)
Spaghetti or pasta of your own choosing.
fresh basil
lemon juice

Pop your spaghetti in a pot of boiling water cook as per packet instructions.
Pan fry chorizo until the oil seeps out of the sausage and colours the pan, at this point add garlic and cook but be careful you don't burn it. Slice asparagus and chuck in with sausage and garlic until warmed through and a little soft, drain pasta and add to pan rip up basil and toss through with a good squeeze of lemon. If your a porker like us add a dash of cream.

If you'd like to share with me your new recipe leave me a comment with a link to your blog, I'd love to see some other peoples recipes!


  1. Love love LOVE chorizo! Can I link mine even though it was a big fat fail? :P

  2. It sounded like such a nice recipe too Rhi, what a shame! I think the fun part of new recipes is fidling with them and making them your own, fingers crossed for next week xx


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