Friday, February 11, 2011

Stripe time! my place and yours

Stripey hand soap dispenser. Lives in the kitchen. We used to have one in the bathroom but 'someone' broke it.

Favorite lounge cushion.

Wall canvas in the big boys room.

Stripey t-shirts, one of the joys of having boys lots of stripes. This is just from one draw.

Charlie's new sleeping style, head under his pillow with his stripey shorties on.

Are you playing along at Hello Owl? If your not you should be.


  1. Look at all those stripes. So cute. I love that canvas wall hanging. Adorable but very boy at the same time.

  2. Thats hunni! The canvas is actually a set of three a friend gave me. The other two have machinery on them. I love how bright they are but are still very boy.

  3. The joys of many stripes! Love how Charlie sleeps so cute and am liking the brightness of the boys canvas.

    BTW The blog make over looks fab!! xx


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