Monday, February 14, 2011

Park love

On Saturday the boys and I went to the park I knew it was going to be a long boring weekend with no plans and Michael working. We didn't last long as it was steamy already but for an hour or so I snapped away at them and they wore themselves out enough to have a decent afternoon nap, gotta be happy with that!

Charlie's newest photo face which is usually accompanied by 'aaahhhhh'

My big boy who seems to get bigger so quick, we discovered this week silent letters in words like 'Know' I think he's scaring his teacher already!

I see you cutie pie!

My meat head child. Seriously he talks like a footballer and walks like one. This face is accompanied by 'oww woooww'

My hairy middle baby. Do you think three is too early to start plucking his eye brows? What about waxing his amazing back hair?


  1. I have to agree Jack looks so grown uo here!! and i have never noticed James' mono brow b4 lol ;) if he were a girl id say yep, bring on the tweezers! lol but he is a boy so its totally cool ;)

  2. Cutie head boys! And OMG leave that little mans eyebrows alone. Hahaha.

  3. you know where the monobrow comes from ! EVERY time I get a haircut the barber asks, can I fix the eyebrows ? Pruning makes em grow xxx

  4. love the monobrow !!! xxx c


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