Tuesday, February 8, 2011

School Time!

So I started this post on Sunday night then I got taken over by a tummy bug. James explained it the best ' mum are you spewing out of your bum?' Oh brother. So I spent Sunday night wrapped around the toilet trying to keep a sip of water down, Monday I spent curled up in a ball trying not to use my stomach muscles.
Where does the week go? I had great plans to do this post on Friday, yep Friday. Its also February I'm not dealing so well with how quick this year is going!
Anyway for the last two weeks I've been down two kids, Jack is back to school (grade 1, which means I'm a big kid now mum) and James started Kindy this year. Charlie and I have been having lots of quality time and I love it. Although I try to make at least 5 minutes a day one on one time with all my boys (Michael included) 5 hours 5 days a fortnight is a bit better.

My big boy so sweet but so cunning all at the same time. Thinks he has perfected the art of blaming things on his brother. Pity I know when he's lying to me : )
Second week of school and he's student of the week and has reached the level of 'three star superstar' which means he's a teachers pet and knows exactly what to do to get his teachers attention when he's doing the right thing. He's so much like me at this age it scares me.

Aww butter wouldn't melt... hardly! First day of Kindy he wanted me to brush his hair, he looks so dorky but thankfully we got all three of them hair cuts the same day. He is loving Kindy, by 2pm when I pick him up he looks exausted. I really missed him the last week, I've never had so much time away from him. He told me he'd been naughty at sleep time and his teachers confirmed he'd been a bit of a handful. I feel sorry for his school teachers who have had Jack first, they won't know whats hit them!

My three monkeys. Can't believe how quickly they've grown up. Charlie is heading towards two faster than I can fathom, James is one step away from big school and Jack is taking school and stepping over it.
My mother thinks its time for another baby. I think she's dreaming.

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  1. What handsome boys! Haha. Your Mum's time for a new baby hints. Not going for number 4 than.


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