Tuesday, August 3, 2010

31 Photos in 31 Days. Day 3

Day 3 of this challenge, easy.

This morning I woke up with a snotty Jack in bed with me, he only ever gets in bed with me when he's sick. Joy.
 An hour later Charlie woke up cranky with a new red and runny nose and two red cheeks. Luckily James hasn't got it yet but really its only a matter of time. Aren't you jealous you don't live in our house this week?

The big boys have claimed Charlie as their own, I am allowed a few cuddles but they let me know that he is THEIR brother. This morning I told them Charlie wasn't feeling very well and they need to be gentle with him. I went to get Jack's school clothes and here is how I found them. So much love. Perfect photo opportunity. Thanks boys xx


  1. Aww brotherly love...way better then them punching and kicking each other! Soo Cute!!

  2. oh goodness! i would of gotten out the video camera after taking a photo, so precious x

  3. Aww that's so sweet!


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