Wednesday, August 18, 2010

31 Photos in 31 Days. Day 18

I always thought kids dressed in silly outfits was for mean parents or those who don't know better. Until I saw this 'suit'. Michael is going to be MC at his cousins wedding in September and I was looking on eBay (are you surprised?) for a cute outfit for Charlie to wear.
Well now I am one of those parents that dresses their kids in ridiculous outfits and I looove it! This is a all in one suit that has black 'pants' and a white 'shirt' that awesome bow tie and the suspenders (that you cant take off but they do move)

I tried hopelessly for half an hour to get a full body picture of this suit but master Charlie was tired and cranky and refuses to sit still for anything or anyone so I'm pretty impressed with this picture!

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