Saturday, August 28, 2010

31 Photos in 31 Days. 27 & 28

Day 27
Last night the boys and I went to get Michael from work and this is what greeted us in the car park. The bucket wheel with all its lights on, which is the boys most favorite thing at Dad's work mostly because they can see it before they see the rest of the mine. Looks quite pretty if you dont look to close and see the piles of coal.

Day 28
The boys helping me drag some of their toys from the grass area of the yard around the back to concrete heaven, after some dirty rat bag kids from up the road helped themselves to some of the boys favorite outside toys. Including the billy cart (pictured) and Jack's birthday scooter (not pictured, still missing). Yes I found the billy cart and dragged it out of said dirty rat bag kids yard. That's right don't mess with my kids or you can deal with me!


  1. Haha I bet the boys are proud of their Mumma!! Little shits (them..not your boys!):)

  2. They were... once I told them how cool I was!
    Michael was horrified I went without him, but a mummas gotta do what a mummas gotta do!


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