Monday, July 5, 2010


Today is a big day for me. One year ago today I started blogging.

So to celebrate this very fun milestone I'm giving you a chance to win some gorgeous very cool art.
As Danielle was the one who inspired me to blog, I thought what a better giveaway than some of her fabulous artworks?

So with Danielle's generosity I am giving you the chance to win these 4 postcard size prints from her Made It  store. All you have to do is tell me...

What/who inspired you to blog?

Become a follower and leave a comment with your answer, make sure your email address is either on your blog or if you don't have a blog leave it in your comment. If you win but I can't contact you I will have to re-draw. Giveaway finishes on the 12th of July 2010. AEST. Giveaway only available to Australian readers.


  1. I had never really heard about blogging until I became friends with Danielle on facebook (we used to go to the same school) and stumbled on to her blog. From the first post I was hooked and found myself checking it everyday to see what was new, and from there found more and more blogs I enjoyed reading. I began blogging a few months later as I fell in love with the concept of leaving something for my son that one day he will appreciate and allow him to see me as a person, not just his mum. :)

  2. Congratulations on one year!

    The person who inspired me to blog was

    She wrote an incredible blog about her pregnancy with her son, and it inspired me to start my own blog when I fell pregnant with mine. Her blog isn't anything fancy (like mine!) but it is a journal of our lives, which one day, will be so good to look back upon.

    I'm also a massive fan of Danimezza! :)

  3. I was inspired to blog by Danielle as well and also by you Kate. I starting reading both of your blogs and then thought I would start one of my own. My email address is


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