Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My Place & Yours

This weeks theme for My Place and Yours over at Hello Owl is Whats on your fridge?
I think for us its more like whats not on your fridge?!

Even with our side by side fridge freezer every side of our fridge looks a little like this as well, except it has shopping list whiteboard and shopping list notebook, things cut out of newspapers that mum has sent me and more photos!

We have the numbers letters and words that all family's of small kids seem to have, lots of artworks including some made by the kids I look after (I felt very special when they were making stuff for me not just for their own mum) hand prints of all three kids, beautiful postcards from my mumma, lots of photos, my pink frangipani is full of things like unpaid bills, takeout menus, people phone numbers and recipes that I've jotted down really quick.

I'm starting to think maybe I need to do a clean off of our fridge, before the doors fall off!

To play along or have a sneak peak at other people fridges head here.


  1. NOooooooo don't clean it off! Busy fridge, busy family, it looks great just like your family ;-) Have a wonderful week

  2. Thanks sweetheart! I might need to move the numbers and letters up so they stay on the fridge instead of all over the kitchen floor(Thanks Charlie!)

  3. I gave you that pink frangipani.... it's nice to see that you use it... That is a normal fridge in a house with small children. I have a scrap book now, as my little fridge doesn't hold ten years woth of artwork, letters from my boy and other stuff he wanted me to keep. Will visit regularly.. It's a fantastic blog....Love Arnie Marnie

  4. Thanks hun! I always use the stuff you give me : )
    Hope your birthday is going well xx


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