Monday, July 12, 2010

My Place & Yours

This week's theme at the lovely Danielle's is Kitchen Love.
I have figured out I need to play straight away otherwise its Sunday night and I'm laying in bed kicking myself I haven't played yet!

I have no love for our kitchen.
It is small, has one dish draw, not two(no idea what happened there), doesn't fit all my kitchen stuff, is a yucky blue green colour with horrendous cafe curtains and a saucepan hanger with no hooks. To top it off it has a door frame with no door from the kitchen to the laundry. Ah the joys of renting.

So this is my kitchen love. I love to see my darling in the kitchen, his style of cooking is totally different to mine and its fascinating to watch him cook(read as make mess). Here he is making his lunch for tomorrow with no shirt on, still in his work pants and Jack's Donkey ears (I have my Princess Fiona ears on so I am no better : )

Now that's what I call Kitchen Love : )


  1. Haaaaaa now that's kitchen love for sure. Love your post, smiling big time here. See you next week ;-)

  2. Oh I love it when a man cooks! Cute bunny ears. I only wish my hubby would cook but he washes the dishes so I'm happy with that.

  3. Ha Ha that was too funny I love the bunny ears such a fashionist

  4. You should check out Ikea, you can buy the hooks for your saucepan rack from there. Really cheap, I think a couple of dollars for 3?

  5. Thanks everyone! i wasn't trying to be to funny, I guess thats when it happens : )
    Thanks Amy! I might have to send my sister on a trip to Ikea, I'm sure she wont mind!


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