Saturday, July 24, 2010

We did the mash..

It was a grave yard smash!
I don't know why but whenever I get to the title on a blog post a song comes to mind. This one is very appropriate.

This week the boys and I have been tired and cranky with each other so Thursday night I decided we would do something fun to get us out of our crank.

I made sure we had enough time to have a long fun bath instead of rushing. I put loads of bubbles in with the food dye(just a few drops) so they didn't realise when they first got in, after the bubbles dissolved they thought it was amazing that they weren't turning blue. Then we made rock star hair do's

Even at 3 I know we are going to have trouble with him as a teenager.

This one defiantly is not going to be a rock star. Bless him James had to teach him what fingers to put up : )

So then I made monster mash

which as you can see, is gross. Its was potato pumpkin and cauliflower with blue food dye (turned green thanks to the pumpkin.) With a rissole and some steamed veggies. I haven't made it for a while because Jack chucked a wobbly last time and refused to eat it.
This time they loved it, teasing Dad with it (we had mash pre food dye) Dad thought it was gross.

Now I have to figure out what I'm going to do next week!

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