Sunday, September 9, 2012

Old Lady

Yesterday we spent the afternoon at a friends place, the boys spent hours playing and I got to drink coffee and hang out with a friend.. Win win.
So last night the boys were exhausted and all three big boys passed out in front of Narnia by 9pm.

Instead of going to bed like a sensible person who will be up several times during the night with my smallest person I rebelled, decided that it's Saturday night and it's my weekend too so I made a cup of tea and caught up on some TV, played on pinterest while my hubby and I sent each other silly text messages. I know right? Rocking Saturday night right there!
A few years ago I would be just starting to get ready for a night out at 9pm not thinking about going to bed. It has been ten years since I was 18 and partying hard every weekend, I doubt I'd be able to do it now, in fact I'm sure I couldn't do it now. I really am an old lady now!

Did you have a rocking Saturday night like me, or did you party on age appropriately? 

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  1. Dinner at a Japanese restaurant at 6 and out by 6:30 to get Ava home to bed then into the trackies and on the couch for footy and scrabble. Yeah I know your jealous


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